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Leehee Rothschild


Hello, I'm Leehee, and I'm co-maintaining this community with Shiri (notreallythis)

This thread is meant for all of you. Please use it to introduce yourself, and give us some information about you, if you're new to this community (given that right now, all of us are new).

And as for a bit about myself -
I'm 22 years old, studying Gender Studies and Philosophy in TAU, living in Tel Aviv. I've never defined myself as a monogamous person, and I've been refering to myself as polyamorous, ever since I got acquainted with the term. Polyamory for me is a theory and a practice, a way of life, and a philosophy. It's the freedom to love and be loved by many people and in many ways. It entangles many ideals in which I believe, and try to shape my life according to. Polyamory is also about being queer, a radical feminist. I'll define myself as pansexual, lesbian, bisexual, or gay, depending on the context, and by whom I'm being asked (more about it, at some point in the future).

I am many things, and I do many things. I'm an activist. I read and write a lot, adore music and art, create, cook (vegan food), care and touch, dance, roleplay, debate, feel, love and so much more

I welcome you to this community, and wish us all good luck.
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